Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy
Imagine the ability to tune into your intuition at will. To tap into your divine consciousness. We are all divine beings and as such are connected to divine beings who are simply part of the universal consciousness that have ascended to a higher level. These angels are waiting to help those of us who have not yet reached those levels and are still functioning/ living on the human plane.

Diane is certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel therapy practitioner. Always gentle and loving, angel therapy with Diane allows you to find out what your angels’ messages are for you… You can ask questions and seek answers about love life/romance, career/life purpose, can ask the Angels anything!

An angel card reading can help promote personal growth and healing, create inner peace and happiness, encourage forgiveness, increase joy and foster self discovery. Learn how to fill your life with abundance with guidance from your angels always given with divine love and light.

Readings available in person, by phone or email.