Mindfulness meditation practice benefits:

  • Clears the mind, improves focus

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, reduces emotional reactivity

  • Increased well being

A student of Zen Buddhism, Diane has had a personal meditation practice for over 10 years.

She has studied at the Zen Mountain Monastery in New York and is now completing Certification as a Meditation Instructor through the University of Holistic Theology. Mindfulness meditation is the practice of being fully aware in the present moment without reacting ...allowing thoughts to come and without judgement (good or bad) watching them go.

Meditation “on the cushion” helps create space or a pause before our response when things come up off the cushion. Often our responses are the result of conditioning and therefore we react without even realizing why we are acting that way. This causes us suffering. By practicing meditation, we can learn to pause and recognize what we are doing in that moment before it happens. Over time, new neural pathways are actually created around these situations freeing us from the suffering.

Another way we suffer needlessly is our habit (though conditioning) of believing that our view of how things are is the correct view. Buddha said, “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.” We look at someone or something or some situation and become unhappy because of the way that someone, something or situation appears to us. In reality, whatever it is we don't like, is just our perception of the person, thing or situation. It is only our version of the truth, not reality. Meditation helps us to see things as they really are, not as they are through the filter that is our mind. By sitting in meditation, the busy chatter that is our mind becomes quiet,and in the stillness we can begin to see things without that chatter attached to them. The chatter is full of preconceived notions, judgment and prejudice. When we learn to look and observe things, including our reactions, without judgment, our suffering is decreased.

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